What is the youngest age that can ride a Segway?

  All people 12 years of age and older can enjoy this activity. We don't have a maximum age limit, as we allow everyone to be a kid-at-heart! Our staff will train each participant to a level of absolute confidence. This will be as easy or easier than walking! We provide complete instruction and cover all safety precautions before each tour. Are you are unsure if you can ride a Segway? Allow us the opportunity to show you just how easy this amazing machine is to ride on. 

How many people go on the tour at the same time?

We recommend a minimum of two people, as it makes the tour more enjoyable. We prefer a maximum 8 people. More than 8 people in a group can be challenging. With that in mind, we'll break a large group up into smaller groups for safety. Larger groups that will require more Segways should call us in advance to make proper arrangements. 

It's raining on our tour date, what are our options?

It's possible that the rain scheduled it's event before you did... We can adjust your tour time and date as needed to make sure you stay dry while you enjoy your tour. If rescheduling is not possible, we'll make sure you receive a full refund. You can always book with us on your next visit! 

The host is training me, but, I'm not confident I can go. Can I get a refund?

Sorry, you won't be refunded less than 24 hours prior to the start of your tour. If there is any concern that you may not be able to ride, we recommend that you come to our shop before the date of your tour. We can take you through our safety training a day or more in advance to ensure you're comfortable with the Segway. If not, we are more than happy to refund you as long as there's more than 24 hours prior to your scheduled event. 

You're closed and I want to take the tour. Can you open for us?

We can open for you, but, there will be a $50 fee on top of the tour price. It's takes us about an hour to get to our shop. So, if you are okay with that, we are more than happy to accommodate you. 

We didn't book a tour. Can we still take the tour as a walk-in guest?

We will make every effort to accommodate you. If we have the option available to us to book you in, we will. But, it is best to book in advance, if possible, to ensure you get the tour, time and date that you want.



We didn't find any discounts or coupons for your tour. Are there any offers available?

We offer you a discounted price for “Checking in” on popular apps. You can Check-in on up to 3 apps to get discounted pricing. You can save 5% for each Check-in that you do in-store. Show us each Check-in for a 5, 10 or 15% discount. The discount only applies to the individual whom Checked-in. 

We want to book in advance but pay when we arrive. Can we do that?

You can book in advance without paying. But, any booking that is not paid in full at the time of booking is subject to being bumped back by 30 minutes of the original reservation time by a new booking secured with full payment. So, if you pay in full, you'll be guaranteed the reservation as requested. If you opt to pay on arrival there's a chance you may lose your reservation or be delayed by 30 minutes. If we have the resources available (Segways and a Host or Hostess), you will still get to take the tour. Just arrive half an hour later than the original start time. We will call you if your reservation is bumped. 

What is your refund policy?

You may have a full refund if you need to cancel more than 24 hours prior to your tour time. Otherwise, any cancellation that is less than 24 hours prior to your tour time is non-refundable. You may, however, have full credit to use your current booking value on a future reservation. No part of any non-refundable payment can be used as a tip/gratuity for the tour guide. 

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